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Intro to the world of Eberron

Eberron is unique among published campaign settings for Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike any other setting to date, Eberron has been built upon one basic concept: in a world where magic exists, society would develop ways to use it. Eberron sees magically-powered mass transit (the lightning rail); cities lit by lamps enchanted with continual flame, airships and elemental-driven sea ships. Eberron is a world of pulp and noir; alignments are blurred, corruption abounds within the ranks of churches and governments, and the player characters have the opportunity to reshape the world. This is another important facet of Eberron – the PCs are heroes, exceptional people who, given the time and circumstances, could intimately affect important world events, all before level 10. So be ready to dive into a world of fantasy and cinematic action.

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The World of Eberron

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