Adventure Club

Traitor Assassination

  • The party traveled back to Karrnath via teleportation, and met up with Lady Moranna to discuss the mission she had for them. During their meeting, they met King Kaius ir’Wynarn III, who made a surprise appearance. They wanted the party to assassinate Count Vedim ir’Omik, the former Minister of the Dead and now a rebel turncoat.
  • Using phantom steeds conjured by Gwilwilethil, the party arrived at the outskirts of the rebel encampment where she used her druidic powers to turn them into crows. Now disguised as birds, the party flew into the camp and killed Count Vedim ir’Omik, taking the greatsword he used to command his undead forces. Those undead reverted back to their original loyalty to the monarchy and began killing the mortal rebels.
  • The party found Burga Wyne d’Deneith in the camp, learning she had been captured in the siege of Karrlakton, but she had freed herself and was attempting to kill the count.
  • Together they escaped the chaos of the rebel camp and traveled back to Korth. Once there, Lady Moranna, and by extension the king, bestowed knighthood upon the party, giving them small tracks of land north of the Iceflow River.
  • The party told the Lady Moranna about a letter they had found in the count’s tent which was addressed to a higher ranked commander called Malevanor. In the letter he told Malevanor that he had learned of the location of the Grimoire of Ormundurr. the letter indicated the tome might be found in a wizard’s tower in the Feywild, and he had just dispatched an expedition of Emerald Claw knights to retrieve it by using a supposed fey crossing in the Eldeen Reaches near the Grove of the Guardian Trees. A note also accompanied the letter with the current location of Malevanor.
  • The party decided that acquiring the Grimoire before the Emerald Claw did was more important than going after Malevanor himself and used a House Orien teleport to travel to Varna in the Eldeen Reaches.
  • Oken Minou asked around and thinks he may have found someone who might know something about the fey crossing near the Grove of the Guardian Trees.



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